1. THE RAMONA FLOWERS | Tokyo from Bouha Kazmi on Vimeo.

    Music video by The Ramona Flowers performing ‘Tokyo’. © Distiller Records


    Cannes Lions 2014 - Nominated for Young Director Award
    18th Los Angeles International Short Film Festival - Official Selection & In Competition


    Director / Bouha Kazmi
    Executive Producers / Luti Fagbenle & Kimberly Hitchins
    Producer / Chance Wilson
    Video Commissioner/ Tom Bird
    Director of Photography / Ben Fordesman
    Editor / John Holloway
    Costume Designer / David Hawkins
    Hair & Make-up Designer / Natasha Lawes
    Steadicam / Richard J Lewis
    Focus Puller / Ed Tucker
    Gaffer / Dom Aronin
    Costume Maker / Jenny Svantesson
    Rope Dresses / Eleanor Amoroso
    Model Maker / Sangeet Prabhaker
    Props Master / Miles Roberts
    1st Assistant Director / Andrew Potter
    Director’s Assistant / Sarah Tognazzi
    Production Manager / Stefano Moses
    Editing Company / Portobello Post
    Colourist / Duncan Russell
    Post Producers / Kayleigh Dugdale and Abi Klimaszewska
    Grading Company / Glassworks
    Visual Effects / Steve Waugh
    Post Producer / Chris Chard
    Post Production Company - Coffee & TV
    Label / Distiller Records


    Geisha / Masumi Saito
    Boy / Ewan Hawkins
    Woman / Vivien Bridson
    Woman / Pam Glossop
    Woman / Loetitia Delais
    Woman / Helen Minassian
    Woman / Faith Tarby
    Woman / Lynn Radnedge
    Woman / Judith Rosenbauer
    Woman / Maureen Bryan
    Woman / Faith Hanstater
    Servant / David Yu


    Filmscape Media
    Coffee & TV
    Eleanor Amoroso
    Costume Studio
    Purple PR
    The London School of Make Up

  2. vouzou:

    The Hubble Extreme Deep Field

    The Hubble Extreme Deep Field is the most distant image of the Universe ever created. Its diameter is one tenth the width of the full moon, its area is one 30 millionth of the entire sky. Within this field of view there are more than 5000 galaxies, 600 trillion stars and 50 quadrillion planets and moons. The light from the most distant visible objects was created more than 13 billion years ago, when the Universe was only 5% of it’s current age. This photograph is a slice of infinity, proof of the immense scale of reality.

    (via wehavemanysurfboards)

  3. Verschleif from Laurin Döpfner on Vimeo.

    Hier schleife ich immer mit einer Kantenschleifmaschine einen halben mm weg und mach ein Foto… Das ganze immer so ca. 100 mal pro wekstück, ergibt ein Video! Ich konnte mich nicht entschließen ob ich alle parallel zeigen möchte oder seriel und habe 2 Versionen gemacht!

  4. Michael Bay - What is Bayhem? from Tony Zhou on Vimeo.

    There are filmmakers we love and then there’s Michael Bay. Even if you dislike him (as I do), Bay has something valuable to teach us about visual perception. This is an exploration of “Bayhem” — his style of camera movement, composition and editing that creates something overblown, dynamic and distinct.

    For educational purposes only.

    For further reading/viewing, I recommend
    Letterboxd user sydney’s review of Bad Boys 2: bit.ly/1iZe7SX
    Michael Bay watches West Side Story: nyti.ms/Vg7ErY
    Werner Herzog Talks About Wrestlemania & Anna Nicole Smith: bit.ly/VfQ9Iu

    The Sound Defects - Take Out
    Leonard Bernstein - West Side Story Overture
    Radiohead - I Might Be Wrong


  6. I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night - Trailer from Deus ex Machina on Vimeo.

    'I HAD TO MUCH TOO DREAM LAST NIGHT' follows the simplistic travels of two surfers, meeting friends along the way, on an open ended journey across an archipelago littered with islands and breaks. Connected by ribbons of tarmac and separated by deep ocean valleys these islands have been here for millennia and will continue to do so for millennia to come. An veritable eden for waves of every nature, from long reeling glassy points breaks to sketchy urchin infested waves in the middle of nowhere

    Film coming May 2014

    Track: Old Man Canyon - Wiser
    Buy The Phantom and Friends EP here: oldmancanyon.bandcamp.com/

  7. Sean Bean dies in every thing he’s ever been in… updated.

    (Source: youtube.com)

  8. Nice short film in association with Dawn of the Planet of the apes. It follows the story of a shotgun and the various hands it passes through. #DOTPATA #pulsefilms #simianflu #shotgun

    (Source: youtube.com)

  9. SO SWELL!!! Needed that.

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  12. Fog Horn | Travers Adler from Mollusk Surf Shop on Vimeo.

    Fog Horn filmed and edited by Will Adler.

    Surfing by Travers Adler.

  13. A Selection of Interesting Waves from Acid on Vimeo.

    A short movie made of waves we thought were interesting for a variety of reasons.

    With contributions by:
    Brothers Marshall - Mollusk
    Will Adler - Mollusk
    Rory Pringle - Concept Blue
    Jakob Wallin
    George Trimm - Kookbox
    Tom Lowe
    Kai Neville Studio
    Marine Layer
    Ryan Lovelace
    Takeshi Kitano

  14. The Gunfighter from Eric Kissack on Vimeo.

    Just another period western meta comedy short film.
    Featuring the mellifluous voice of Nick Offerman.
    I hope you enjoy it!

    Go to facebook.com/thegunfighter for news about screenings in your area!

    Directed by Eric Kissack (erickissack.com)
    Written by Kevin Tenglin (kevintenglin.com/)
    Produced by Sarah Platt
    Shot by Jon Aguirresarobe (jonaguirresarobe.com/)
    Costumes by Kate Mallor
    Art Direction by Paul McConnell

    Nick Offerman
    Shawn Parsons
    Scott Beehner
    Eileen O’Connell
    Timothy Brennen
    Jordan Black
    Brace Harris
    Circus Szalewski
    Travis Lincoln Cox
    Schoen Hodges
    Chet Nelson
    Keith Biondi

  15. SEFT-1 Abandoned Railways Exploration Probe from The Arts Catalyst on Vimeo.

    SEFT-1 Abandoned Railways Exploration Probe: Modern Ruins 1:220 
    Exhibition at Furtherfield Gallery, Finsbury Park, London N4 2NQ, UK
    21 June to 27 July 2014, open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 11am-6pm, free

    Artists Ivan Puig and Andrés Padilla Domene (Los Ferronautas) built their striking silver road-rail SEFT-1 vehicle to explore the abandoned passenger railways of Mexico and Ecuador, capturing their journeys in videos, photographs and collected objects.

    In their first London exhibition, SEFT-1 Abandoned Railways Exploration Probe: Modern Ruins 1: 200, commissioned by The Arts Catalyst and presented in partnership with Furtherfield Gallery, in the heart of Finsbury Park, the artists explore how the ideology of progress is imprinted onto historic landscapes and reflect on the two poles of the social experience of technology - use and obsolescence.


    Between 2006 and 2011, the artists travelled across Mexico and Ecuador in the SEFT-1 (Sonda de Exploración Ferroviaria Tripulada or Manned Railway Exploration Probe). In a transdisciplinary art project, they set out to explore disused railways as a starting point for reflection and research, recording the landscapes and infrastructure around and between cities. Interviewing people they met, often from communities isolated by Mexico’s passenger railway closures, they shared their findings online, seft1.com, where audiences could track the probe’s trajectory, view maps and images and listen to interviews.

    The artists’ journeys led them to the notion of modern ruins: places and systems left behind quite recently, not because they weren’t functional, but for a range of political and economical reasons. In the second half of the 19th century, the Mexican government partnered with British companies to built the railway line that would connect Mexico City with the Atlantic Ocean – and beyond to Europe. This iconic railway infrastructure now lies in ruins, much of it abandoned due to the privatisation of the railway system in 1995, when many passenger trains were withdrawn, lines cut off and communities isolated.

    For this new exhibition, the artists are inviting British expert model railway constructors to collaborate by creating scale reproductions of specific Mexican railway ruins exactly as they are now. One gallery becomes a space for the process of model ruin construction. The room’s walls will show the pictures, documents, plans and other materials used as reference for the meticulously elaborated ruin construction. With this action a dystopian time tunnel is created.

    The SEFT-1 exploration probe will be on display next to the gallery 20–22 June, 11–13 July, 18–20 July and 25–27 July 2014.